Vedanta’s aluminum business will focus on upstream integration; commission 2 mines in FY23

Vedanta’s aluminum business, which has not been significantly impacted by COVID-19, would focus on upstream integration in the next fiscal year and bring two of its mines in Odisha into production to ensure the safety of raw materials for its factories, a senior company official said. noted.

CEO of Vedanta’s aluminum business, Rahul Sharma, in an interview with PTI, said that in the coming fiscal year the company will “focus on upstream integration.”

“Second is the raw material. We have a few mines. We would like to operationalize one or two mines so that our raw material security becomes a captive raw material… We see them (Jamkhani and Radhikapur coal mines) go live next fiscal year.” Sharma said.

The expansion of the company’s alumina refinery from 2 million tonnes per annum to 5 MTPA is proceeding on schedule, he added.

“We are expanding our alumina refinery, which is an intermediate product, from 2 to 5 million tonnes… It’s going according to schedule,” the CEO said.

On the metals side, the capacity of Vedanta’s Balco Group company will increase from 0.56 million tonnes (MT) to 1 million tonnes (MT).

Sharma further said that to meet the needs of emerging sectors such as electric mobility, renewable energy and aerospace, the company is expanding its portfolio in terms of value-added products such as billets and alloys.

”Nothing was hindered. We’re pretty much on the right track on the product side, on the expansion side, on the upstream integration side, value-added products,” the CEO said.

Vedanta Aluminum currently produces one of the largest ranges of aluminum and its value added product offerings. The company is a leading producer and exporter of aluminum billets.

Vedanta Aluminum Business, a division of Vedanta Limited, is India’s largest aluminum manufacturer, producing half of India’s aluminum at 1.97 million tonnes per annum (MTPA) in FY21.

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