South Florida business owners continue to battle catalytic converter thefts

MIAMI – Broward County Police are investigating thefts of catalytic converters and looking for suspects caught on camera.

Surveillance video shows how in less than two minutes thieves can cut out your vehicle’s catalytic converter.

“They cut a Sawzall here and cut here, the unit went down and took off with it,” company owner Jason Conner said.

His business was one of two recently hit and the two men prowling the properties were caught on camera.

This guy did all the cutting, this guy did all the picking,” Conner said.

Local 10 released a report Tuesday in which 16 catalytic converters were removed from Ted Conner Landscaping in Pompano Beach.

The owner of Ted Conner Landscaping in Pompano Beach becomes one more victim of thieves who steal catalytic converters from cars in South Florida.

Lawrence Boyle owns Nanak’s Landscaping in Deerfield Beach and he says four catalytic converters were swept away in the middle of the night.

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“It’s easy money for these guys if they take 10, 11, they make four or five grand per bank,” Boyle said.

Since the thefts, Boyle has installed cables around his catalytic converters to make it harder for thieves to steal.

These cages or cables will cost you between $250 and $800 each.

Local 10’s Bridgette Matter visited All Florida Scrap Metal in Miami and found out what other business owners are doing to deal with this persistent problem.

All Florida Scrap Metal owner Landon Kram says he won’t buy catalytic converters locally because many get stolen.

“It’s none of our business, we’re not looking to buy stolen equipment,” Kram said.

An increase in calls to sell catalytic converters is coming daily, Kram says.

These business owners who have lost thousands of dollars say they believe the police will catch up with the suspects very soon.

“I hope your luck turns around sooner or later because now everyone knows what you’re doing,” Boyle said.

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Several other agencies say they are seeing an increase in thefts, including the Hallandale Beach Police and the North Miami Beach Police.

Both agencies have warned the public about the upsurge in catalytic converter thefts.

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