Moss Point business owner helps fight crime in town

MOSSPOINT, Miss. (WLOX) – With the crime rate rising in Moss Point, some residents are looking for ways to help the community fight crime.

Clifford Crear is the owner of Superior Cuts in Moss Point. He is a longtime business owner in the city and also lives in Moss Point.

Crear said in recent years he has seen more crime in the city.

“Every week we hear about a shooting. If not for a few days, every other day there is a shooting. It has become almost common. You become numb to it because it happens so frequently,” Crear said.

According to him, most of the crimes he witnessed were committed by young adults. He even met teenagers who walked into his barber shop and were accused of crimes like murder.

“Everyone is trying to figure out what they can do, but it’s hard,” he said.

Crear mentors many teenagers who have stopped by his shop. He says it’s a way for him to help young people in his community.

“What I’m trying to do is use this platform to at least try to mentor as many young people as possible. Talk to them about doing the right thing. I’m trying to be an example that you can do the right thing and still succeed,” he explained.

On Monday evening, police responded to two shootings in Moss Point. Three victims were hospitalized after being shot.

The motive for the shooting is still unknown and police have not identified any suspects.

Crear said he doesn’t know what it will take to stop the crime, but he will continue to try to steer young people in the right direction.

“It’s heartbreaking to see these children die as young as they are or be incarcerated in this system without knowing what the outcome will be. Once they go through it, their chances of coming back and being citizens productive are slim,” Crear said.

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