Fort Worth Trucking Company owner braces for higher diesel prices – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

The owner and CEO of a Fort Worth-based trucking company is closely monitoring Russian-Ukrainian tensions and the impact it will have on his business.

The conflict could cause diesel prices to skyrocket, further impacting supply chain challenges.

“We are the largest oil and gas transporter in the United States,” said Jim Grundy, CEO and owner of SISU Energy LLC.

He owns a trucking company that delivers goods across the country.

“You have a shortage of employees, a shortage of products and a shortage of truckers,” Grundy said. “It’s like the perfect storm right now. Add to that a global oil and gas dilemma.”

Grundy says the Russia-Ukraine crisis will have an economic impact on getting produce to stores and grocery stores, and customers will see pump prices go up.

“If this breaks out in the next 72 hours, you’re going to see gasoline going up 20% probably overnight, and oil prices going up behind it,” Grundy said.

Diesel prices and the search for truckers have been a pain.

“Our big problem is that we can’t find enough people, even with the money our guys are making, half a million dollars in 7, 8 months a year, which is crazy,” Grundy said.

Grundy says he is looking to hire 500 qualified truck drivers by the end of March to meet demand from retailers and grocery stores.

He’s halfway there.

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