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Dare County Emergency Management encourages all Dare County residents, non-resident homeowners, and business owners to get their permits ahead of hurricane season, which officially begins Wednesday, June 1, 2022.

To enter Dare County following a mandatory evacuation, individuals must present a current and valid re-entry permit—expired re-entry permits from previous years Won’t do to be accepted. Re-entry permits, which are issued as a PDF file emailed to applicants with the required credentials, can be obtained through Dare County’s online system at any time.

Once issued, re-entry permits expire at the end of the calendar year. Individuals who obtained a re-entry permit in 2021, with the exception of business owners/managers who have already obtained a permit, will need to apply for a new re-entry permit for the current calendar year.

To obtain a 2022 re-entry permit from Dare County Emergency Management, please visit DareNC.com/Reentry to access the online system.

Dare County Business Owners/Managers

Dare County business owners who have been approved for re-entry permits in the past do not need to reapply. Their designated “administrator” can manage their permits and only need to contact Dare County Emergency Management if changes need to be made to their accounts.

Such changes may include assigning a new “administrator” or changing the number of permits assigned to their business. If you are a new Dare County business owner or manager apply for a re-entry permit for yourself or members of your staff for the first timeplease Click here.

Mandatory evacuations and re-entry deadlines

During a declared state of emergency that requires a mandatory evacuation to ensure public safety, Dare County officials will determine when the area can be safely returned. Re-entry delays in the county can be caused by a variety of factors including limited public safety response capabilities, damaged/inoperative water supply systems, limited communications, power outages, septic issues , mined structures, debris making roads unsafe or impassable, and damage to personal property and critical infrastructure needed to support the population.

Staged reintegration process

Dare County operates a staged reintegration process that is used to facilitate a safe and orderly return to the community after an evacuation has taken place. Dare County Emergency Management reminds the public that no one will be denied re-entry as long as they have obtained and can present the appropriate identification to checkpoint officers.

Dare County’s reintegration process is organized in order of priority of an individual returning to the community during the recovery period following a storm and includes the following four categories:

  • First priority: Essential Staff. (Essential public service personnel, government personnel, medical personnel and damage assessment personnel).
  • Priority 2: Permanent residents and essential personnel for critical businesses. (Non-resident essential personnel of essential businesses such as grocery stores, food distributors, pharmacies, banks, gas stations, property management companies, building supply stores and hotels).
  • Priority three: Non-resident owners and non-resident employees of non-essential businesses.
  • Priority four: General Public and Visitors. (No re-entry permit is required for priority four).

Apply for 2022 re-entry permits

If you are the owner or manager of a Dare County business and are applying for a reentry permit for yourself or your staff members, click here. If you are a Dare County resident, click here. If you are a non-resident owner, click here.

REMINDER: In order to enter Dare County following a mandatory evacuation, individuals must present a valid re-entry permit. Expired re-entry permits from previous years will not be accepted.

Residents of Currituck County and Hyde County

If you are a Currituck County or Hyde County resident, you do not need to apply for a Dare County re-entry permit. Currituck County re-entry information can be found here. Information about Hyde County can be found here. Valid re-entry permits issued by Currituck County and Hyde County will be honored at traffic checkpoints in Dare County according to their phased re-entry schedule.

Sign up for OBX Alerts

Logo for OBX Alerts

Dare County Emergency Management reminds individuals to sign up to receive emergency alerts, including severe weather watches and warnings, public safety and emergency warnings, evacuation orders at county-wide and other urgent notifications, via the new OBX alerts platform by visitingwww.OBXAlerts.com.

For more information on the hazards associated with storms affecting Dare County, including a wide range of resources to help you prepare for the upcoming hurricane season, download dare county hurricane guide.

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