Attleboro Area Chamber of Commerce Helps Local Businesses Fend off Cyber ​​Attacks | Local News


With cyber attacks on corporate and municipal computer systems on the rise, the local chamber of commerce is taking action to help its members protect themselves against information theft or be forced to pay a ransom if their systems are down. by pirates.

United Regional Chamber of Commerce chairman Jack Lank said the chamber has hosted a number of webinars over the past three months to help businesses in the region protect themselves.

The webinars are underway, he said.

Lank said none of the chamber members experienced incursions and the goal was to keep it that way.

He said hackers typically prey on large businesses or operations and pointed to the ransom attack on Sturdy Memorial Hospital in Attleboro in February for which the hospital paid an undisclosed amount to ensure that the information flights are not broadcast.

Lank said businesses inadvertently expose themselves to attack when their employees work from home and use their personal computers.

And in the age of the coronavirus, it has happened a lot.

Hackers have a new portal to invade because personal computers are often less protected than work computers, he said.

“It opens up a lot of networks that they can enter and it’s very difficult to control,” Lank said. “The webinars show them the steps they can take to stop intruders. “

Lank said the bedroom’s own computer system was hacked six times in 2019.

Fortunately, the system did not contain proprietary information that, if stolen, could harm businesses, Lank said.

He said the attacks were carried out by amateur hackers who, in essence, were learning the ropes of bypassing firewalls in a less protected operation.

The chamber was forced to spend a lot of money and time strengthening its own system, he said.

Lank said he was aware of a law firm that was hacked and that $ 200,000 was stolen while transferring money in a real estate transaction.

Fortunately, the money was recovered.

“There is a lot more out there that we don’t know,” he said of cyber attacks. “They mainly attack large companies where there is a lot of information.”

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