Springs business owner pushes for “Black Owned Friday”

COLORADO SPRINGS – Saturdays are set to be one of the busiest days of the year in downtown Colorado Springs, as shoppers show their support for their favorite small business Saturday stores.

Instead of Black Friday, local business owner Shauna Sankey encouraged people to celebrate Black Owned Friday.

“It’s a great way to support each other and help build a community that may have been or may be considered unstablished.”

Sankey owns “black girl salsa“, by making a variety of different salsas and packing them in recyclable containers for purchase.

Sankey says black business owners have a tight-knit community in Colorado Springs.

“When you are able to support minority businesses and especially those that keep it local, we are able to recycle and keep that money, and keep this business flowing in the community.”

Sankey’s passion for salsa was never a business idea, until the pandemic struck and she and her family spent many hours in the kitchen.

“I’m a soccer mom, right? Like I’m on the soccer field every Saturday. So that made it possible for us to be together as a family. We’re not on the soccer field anymore, but we’re in. the park selling salsa at the farmer’s market. “

Sankey believes the pandemic has shed new light on the importance of local shopping, which she hopes will last after the coronavirus is gone.

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