Neighbors and business owners concerned about Mission Beach violence

Mission Beach and the area near Belmont Park start with fun in the sun during the day. But once it gets dark, there is a change.

SAN DIEGO – Belmont Park in Mission Beach is not only a tourist destination, but also a family destination for the people of San Diegans. However, in the past week there have been three shootings in the area.

Mission Beach and the area surrounding Belmont Park starts with fun in the sun with families and big smiles during the day.

But once it gets dark, there is a change.

The area was the scene of a shooting Thursday, where San Diego police say three people were in custody and a gun was recovered.

There was also another shooting just a week ago.

Johnathan Richard was at Belmont Park last week when he heard gunshots.

“We were just having some ice cream, just chilling out and I thought I heard some arguing, but it’s a loud beach then, you know ‘bah bah’,” Richard said.

Residents near Mission Beach say increasing gun violence is a trend.

Altin Dastmalchi lives a few blocks away and he says he has seen an increase in violence occurring during the “tourist season” or summer months.

“During the day it’s easy but sometimes there were stab wounds, there was one, here in the bathroom a while ago,” Dastmalchi said.

Mission Beach has a history of violence. In the past year alone, three shootings have occurred in the area within a month of each other,

Mission Beach Rentals co-owner Monte Blair says he’s worried. Blair has owned this store for six years and says he has seen an increase in crime.

“I know there was a shooting right outside my store a month ago, a month and a half ago, and a few days ago, so we’re a bit worried,” Blair said.

Due to the recent shootings, Blair says he has a plan in place to keep himself and his employees safe.

“If something happens, everyone is abandoning ship, get out of here, take care,” Blair said.

CBS 8 has reached out to San Diego police to find out what the city is doing to control gun violence in Mission Beach.

The SDPD released a statement that said, in part, “Staffing has been increased and there will be additional officers working in the area seven days a week.”

Police also say if you see anything suspicious, say something. Report it to the police or call 911.

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