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The golf invitations for the weekend of Saturday September 18 and Sunday September 19 were packed with golfers. The Cabrini golf team did pretty well statistically. There have been different tournaments which have given the men’s and women’s teams the opportunity to showcase their skills.

Saturday’s event for the men’s team took place at a Dickinson tournament in Carlisle, PA. Tara Thomas, Head Coach of Men’s and Women’s Golf, said: “It was a very strong field so we didn’t reach the level we could have had with really good scorers. We played pretty well that day. Saturday’s men’s team faced tough competitors such as Stevenson, Chestnut Hill and Swarthmore College.

Thomas said: “The scores were also very low on Saturday so people were generally happy.” SToday’s events made those who attended to feel good after seeing that the scores weren’t high.

There were many scores throughout the day. Gerald Haftmann, a senior business management major and a sports management minor, led the club with a career record three under par 69 to tie for fourth. Ryan Calderaro, a senior business management major and a marketing minor, finished in 67th place with a score of 90. Mitch Walz, a second year major in Marketing and Information Systems, earned a 78, this which was good for a tie for 40th place.

Thomas said: “The golf course was put together quite easily and we had a good performance there.”

For Saturday’s women’s event at the McDaniel College tournament in Abbottstown, Pa., The team didn’t bring many players. “The women, on the other hand, we only brought in five and it was their first tournament of the year. They were very successful, ”said Thomas.

The women’s team finished in eighth place. They had a team score of 404 on the par 72 circuit at Bridges Golf Club. Ashley Ea, a freshman in computer science, got an 85 which was good for a 9th place finish. Vic Monterosso, a senior international trade major, placed in the top 15 after scoring 87, tied for 12th place. Kelly Cahill, a senior social work major, got a 113 which put her in 34th place.

In the women’s invitation, it was a struggle for the team against the heat. Thomas said: “It was pretty hot on Saturday and that played a role, especially for the girls. They were really in trouble. Although he finished in eighth place, it was a hot 18 hole event that many struggled with.

Cabrini’s women’s golf team at the golf course. Photo by Tara Thomas.

Sunday was more of a fight for the men’s team. “People had a tougher day overall on Sunday,” Thomas said. “The golf course is just more difficult.” Sunday’s men’s event was held at the Rock Manor Golf Club in Wilmington, Delaware. The men’s team played well because some finished better than others.

The team posted a score of 313. Waltz scored a 92 which is tied for 55th. Sean Caspar, a sophomore business management student and minor in sports management, shot a 76, which tied him at five for sixth place. Second-year finance student Liam Caspar shot a 77, which tied him for 11th place.

Thomas learned a lot from attending the weekend filled with tournaments. Thomas said: “I’m starting to figure out who should be in the top five. I’m starting to see some of the areas in their game that could use some improvement. They still have to work on their short game so we will focus on that in the future. As the head coach, Thomas has to make an important decision on who should be in his top five for tournaments.

Jonathan Papp, a second year team captain and marketing major as well as a minor in sports management, attended both men’s events. He spoke of Saturday’s men’s event: “It’s a pretty straightforward golf course. Lots of short holes where people of our level can really enjoy. Me, on the other hand, no. “

He said that by not taking advantage of an easier course it helped him become better. “It definitely opened my eyes to the fact that I have to take care of myself first, rather than taking care of others.” Papp realizes that he must first prepare better for the tournaments to come rather than for the others.

After his bad day on Saturday, he was ready for the tournament on Sunday.

“Then I came back the next day Sunday with a fresh mind, a good night’s sleep the day before and I was good to go,” Papp said. He shot a 76 that helped him move up to five for sixth place with teammate Sean Caspar.

Weekend Cabrini themed golf set. Photo by Tara Thomas.

Papp said: “We had a few kids who missed the last tournament on Saturday who came back and played really well.” For him, it was a starting point for some of the players who missed the event. Liam and Sean Caspar were two of the players who did not attend Saturday’s men’s tournament. They finished in the top 11.

Second-year business management student Daniel Murphy and freshman business management Josh Murphy were the other two players who did not attend the men’s tournament on Saturday. Daniel Murphy finished tied for 29th with a score of 81. Josh Murphy finished tied for 39th with a score of 85.

Finding out more about the team is something he was able to do over the weekend. “I think that sends a message to the conference that we have a lot of kids who can beat you. Our list is pretty deep with the depth we have, ”Papp said. There are a lot of players in the men’s team who have the ability to finish near the top spots. Liam and Sean Caspar, Papp and Haftmann finished in the top 11 on Saturday or Sunday.

The men’s and women’s teams had their ups and downs this weekend. They took away thoughts and feelings on themselves. The goal for these players and coaches to improve themselves so that they can benefit their team in a good way is a standard of success.

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