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Stanfill said he enjoys talking to voters and is an “accessible representative” who listens to them.

When the council considered allowing wheeled all-terrain vehicles within city limits, Stanfill said it was initially opposed, but changed its mind after speaking to voters, as well as researching the topic. The council passed the ordinance allowing utility type vehicles (UTVs) but not four-wheeled vehicles.

“We were able to make this compromise and have this unanimous vote,” he said. “Something that could have been contentious became a moment of unity for the council.”

Kalama City Council moves forward with proposal to allow WATV within city limits

Stanfill said he tended not to add items to the agenda for council consideration, but was excited about his upcoming proposal to lift the ban on secondary suites within the boundaries of the city. The measure would help alleviate the housing shortage and allow residents to generate additional income, he said.

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It’s hard to balance paying for new infrastructure and improvements while keeping taxes as low as possible, Stanfill said. The council must look to the future so as not to end up increasing costs for taxpayers by delaying necessary work, he said.

Stanfill said he wanted to use the city’s federal COVID-19 relief funds as much as possible for sewers and other projects for the benefit of every taxpayer.

The city’s positive relationship with the port of Kalama has been helpful, and upcoming projects, such as the new pedestrian bridge, will benefit both the city and the port, he said.

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