Local business owners address state of labor shortage


The hunt is still on for companies hoping to hire workers, but the jobs are filled.

It has been more than two weeks since COVID unemployment benefits ended. However, are the places experiencing improvements?

We have seen the panels asking for help for more workers across the country, and now we are looking locally to see if there has been a change.

For this situation, we found out that it depends on who you ask.

There are many factors that can explain why people are not returning to work, but places are now hoping that since COVID unemployment benefits ended on September 6, there will be changes.

The president of a local recruiting agency said their business had increased by 20%.

“We’ve seen a bit more activity, especially over the past two weeks. Definitely a buy-in from the people I’m going to say in all of our offices, ”said Marc Turner, president of Career Concepts.

Turner said there was more than the end to the benefits.

“I think people are ready to take the next step in their life, you know, and now three weeks ago we had a record number of jobs open, and now maybe it’s starting to go down a bit. “said Turner.

As Career Concepts sees an increase in the number of people applying for jobs in different industries, the hospitality industry continues to face challenges.

“Usually every week we look to see when we need to add more people or if we need more people,” said Michael Keller, general manager of Cork 1794.

“You can’t just sit at home. Sure, the money was good, but you have to work, ”said Tina Ferraro, part owner of Dominicks.

Even though COVID-19 unemployment benefits ended, business owners said they haven’t seen much change.

“After stopping the money, I didn’t notice much of a difference,” Ferraro said.

“You wouldn’t naturally think this should help. I don’t necessarily think we saw at a certain date that we were inundated with nominations, ”Keller said.

Business owners also said they hope the community will start to see more positive change soon.

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